The Wichita Eagle Features Dr. Shaker Dakhil on Palliative Care

The Wichita Eagle and covered palliative care and the efforts The American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network is making towards expanding palliative care nationwide, but most importantly throughout Kansas.  A forum was held to discuss the efforts to be made to expand this type of care into hospitals in our state.  Dr. Shaker Dakhil attended this forum and although he agrees with the overall intention of the network he spoke up on how the word palliative is often misinterpreted and associated with hospice when in fact, as Dr. Dakhil mentions, it should be linked more towards support on the journey that these patients are embarking on.  According to a study published in 2010, patients who received palliative care had “better quality of life, had less aggressive care at the end of life and lived longer than patients who did not have palliative care”, making a strong position towards why this type of care should be expanded throughout our nation.

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