CCK Patient Shows Her Persistent Spirit

Mercy Health has recently featured a CCK Fort Scott patient of Dr. Nabbout, Roxine Poznich, for her persistent, inspiring spirit.  Roxine, turning 71 years young in December, was given a cancer diagnosis this past year but she is not letting that hold her back from life.  When given the opportunity to share her journey Roxine said, “Overall it’s just been a miracle.  It was a miracle they found it since I did not have any symptoms and it has been a miracle that I’ve gotten better”.  Since the interview by Mercy, Roxine has been informed that her tumor has shrunk by half it’s original size.  She expresses her gratitude to those at Mercy and the CCK staff for their words of encouragement, prayers and many other means of support.  She said it may come as a surprise to many that Fort Scott has a cancer center but she always makes note to mention, “It’s one of the best!”  Fortunately, CCK and Mercy have been partnering since 2008 in order to provide the highest quality of care to those in the Fort Scott area.  CCK is dedicated to bringing personalized, quality and innovative care to patients throughout Kansas in order to keep them close to home.  We are so inspired by Roxine and are proud to be a part of her journey, and so many like her.

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