KAKE features CCK on Recent Breast Cancer Study Results

A recently published oncology research study is sparking imperative conversations between women and their oncologist.  This specific breast cancer study, formally known as the PACCT-1 TAILORx study, involved more than 10,000 women worldwide, roughly 200 of which were CCK patients.  Now, because of this study eligible patients are able to have a special test known as the Oncotype DX completed which will give them recurrence score to help assign what type of therapy they should receive to treat their breast cancer.   Results can vary from the suggestion of hormone therapy alone or hormone therapy together in combination with chemotherapy.

CCK is proud of their involvement and commitment to the field of research.  Further giving evidence to our continuous awards for patient enrollment numbers in ongoing trials in the field of oncology, CCK was the largest local contributor to patient participation in this particular study.

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