Chief Nursing Officer Paula Fulgham Featured as a Nursing Expert

CNO, Paula Fulgham, at the Table of Experts discussion

Chief Nursing Officer, Paula Fulgham, has been featured as a nursing expert at the Nursing Table of Experts Discussion hosted by the Wichita Business Journal (WBJ) and moderated by Bill Roy, WBJ’s editor.  This was a closed-door discussion by a panel of experts regarding the opportunities and challenges facing the current nursing field.  In addition to Paula, the panel included Dr. Voncella McClearly-Jones, Chair and Associate Dean of Nursing at Wichita State University and Dr. Abbey Elliott, Director of Nursing at Southwestern College. CCK is certainly proud to have Paula and so many excellent and dedicated nurses on the team.

Excerpt from the discussion:
MODERATOR: You all have devoted a lot of years to treatment, to teaching, to research, to education. What is your message for someone who is considering nursing as a career? What do you tell people who — if you come across them and they say, huh, I’m kind of interested, what is your advice for them?

MS. FULGHAM: I always say go for it. It is truly, I feel like, a profession, like I said earlier, where you can do anything and take it wherever you want to take it and it’s a very respected profession. And it used to be said, well, you could always get a job. Well, it’s just not a job anymore, it’s so much more than that.

And we have so many of our medical assistants, I’ve got a scheduler, a pharmacy admixture tech, going through right now, going through nursing because they see the nurses and they want to do that. We inspire them. So I feel like that’s a very good compliment to our nursing staff that people see what they’re doing and they want to do that as well.

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