President Shaker Dakhil Featured Author of Opinion Article

CCK President, Dr. Shaker Dakhil, has been recently featured in the Kansas Business Daily’s public policy column regarding patient access to new, innovative cancer treatments.  The opinion article, written by Dr. Dakhil, highlights promising treatments and clinical trials that are currently taking place across the country and hopefully soon making their way to Kansas.  He speaks of the necessity of access to such trials for physicians, communities and patients alike.

CCK offers many clinical trials to eligible patients, but continues to strive to bring every possible, promising trial to the table.  With over 20 locations across Kansas including rural areas, CCK finds that it is of utmost importance that CMS allows coverage of these types of trials in non-hospital settings like our community clinics.  As Dr. Dakhil states, “This decision is critical, and it’s one that we have to get right.”

To view the full article, click here.  To view a follow-up article published by the FDAReporter, click here.