CCK Dodge City Office Changes

Dodge City Radiation staff featured with CCK’s now retired Radiation Oncologist, Dr. Surendra Verma

With more than 35 years of serving the Dodge City community, Friday, August 30th marked the last day of CCK’s radiation services in our Dodge City office.  After 20 years of devotedly serving the Dodge City community with this treatment offering, CCK has made the decision to focus more solely on the medical oncology and hematology care it provides to patients across the state, including in Dodge City.  We are proud to have been able to offer this service for so many years in this location with dedicated CCK staff such as those seen below.  We assure the Dodge City community that we will continue to not only remain open and vibrant in all other areas of oncology service, but will continue to remain an advocate for medical care in rural areas.  Click here to read a local news article regarding this announcement.