KAKE News Features Exclusive Therapy Option at CCK

KAKE News recently featured a segment on CCK’s newest and most exclusive therapy option- CAR-T Cell Therapy.  The field of oncology has treated cancer through various forms of chemotherapy and radiation since its beginning.  However, over the last few years, this new treatment has made waves within the oncology world.  Now, CCK is one of just nine facilities in the nation chosen to participate in this specific study using the patient’s own cells to fight off the disease.  CCK’s physicians are making this trial a collaborative effort amongst our clinic and BMT program.

CAR (Chimeric Antigen Receptor) T-cell therapy is the most patient-specific cancer treatment ever developed.  The future of CAR T-cell therapy hopefully lies in treating myeloma and chronic leukemia. The hope is to improve the technology to one day further widen the therapy to treat other solid tumors like brain and pancreatic cancers, as these forms are relatively difficult to manage,” said Dr. Bassam Mattar, Director of the Blood Marrow Transplant Program that oversees the CAR-T Cell therapies administered at CCK.

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