CCK Physician, Dr. Christopher Dakhil, Honored with the 2023 Excellence in Health Care Award

We are thrilled to share the achievement of one of our own, Dr. Christopher Dakhil, at CCK. Dr. Dakhil has been chosen as a recipient of the 2023 Excellence in Health Care award. This award recognizes individuals who have made extraordinary contributions to the advancement of health care within Wichita and its neighboring communities, showcasing a standard of excellence that is truly commendable.

The WBJ (Wichita Business Journal) holds a prominent position in delivering business news across local, regional, and national dimensions, with an extensive readership exceeding 13 million.

Dr. Dakhil’s journey with CCK began in 2012, marked by his completion of a comprehensive fellowship in Hematology/Oncology at the University of Kansas Medical Center, where he culminated his tenure as Chief Fellow during the final year.

Over the span of more than a decade, Dr. Dakhil has become synonymous with the standards of excellence and unwavering values that define patient care at the Cancer Center of Kansas. His commitment to our mission is exemplified by his dedication to both CCK and our patients throughout the state. His influence reaches far beyond Wichita, as he, along with his colleagues, travels extensively each week to rural treatment centers, ensuring that quality care is extended to all corners of the region.

We take immense pride in having exceptional physicians like Dr. Dakhil as integral members of our esteemed medical team, serving and enriching the lives of our diverse patient community.


To view Dr. Dakhil’s profile that was featured in the WBJ, select the following link – Dakhil-EHC-Profile-Chris Dakhil, Cancer Center of Kansas – Wichita Business Journal2023