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CCK’s Involvement With Our Communities

Serving Our Community Since the Beginning

Kansans are the foundation of everything we do. They continuously work and advance Kansas to make our lives better every day. So we feel it’s important to do everything we can to take care of this great state and the people who call it home.

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CCK's Association with CLASS LTD

classltdCLASS is a community developmental disabilities service provider that operates in four different counties within Kansas. They zealously believe in each individual living a rewarding, fulfilling, and meaningful life through the opportunity to grow in job skills and experience. They are committed to community betterment, social justice, diversity, and achieving excellence in their services. CCK has been associated with CLASS LTD for numerous years in which they have been providing us with document destruction services. We are so pleased to be associated with this community based, life-bettering company!

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