Ontada Health Patient Portal

CCK is thrilled to announce the introduction and transition to a new, modernized and user-friendly patient portal platform through partnership with Ontada Health. This change-occurred on Wednesday, October 25th.

We encourage you to watch the quick intro video found here to see the new system from a patient’s perspective.  


Below are some helpful FAQs:

What does this mean for me if I was a MyCarePlus user for CCK?

  • Patients who were enrolled in MyCarePlus will have received a direct email notice and invitation from donotreply@OntadaHealth.COM between October 24th – October 27th that requests you take a few simple action steps to enroll yourself in Ontada Health. (Search your Junk or Spam)
  • Your MyCarePlus account will no longer be able to be accessed, but don’t worry – once you enroll in Ontada Health your MyCarePlus data will populate for you!

I have not ever been registered and or used a portal with CCK, how do I enroll in Ontada Health?

  • We can take new enrollments into Ontada Health on or any time after October 25th.
  • All you need to do is complete the Consent and Authorization form below, and email it to g2@cancercenterofkansas.com or bring it in to your next visit.
  • Once we have the form in hand, we will simply trigger an email invitation to the listed address.

What are some key benefits of using the Ontada Health portal?

  • View certain medical results from your CCK care team.
  • View and update my medications at any time.
  • Assign caregivers access to your portal.
  • Correspond with your CCK care team on scheduling questions, symptom management, billing inquiries and more.
  • Please note that upon first migration to Ontada Health, appointment viewing and requesting will not be immediately available. This feature is coming very soon and we are excited to utilize it with and for our patients!

I used to have a MyCarePlus account but have not used it in some time, how do I reset my credentials?

  • You do not HAVE to log back into your current/ former MCP account in order to receive the automated invitation from Ontada after October 25th, so if you do not have a need to otherwise access your old account you do not have to worry about resetting your account.

I used to have a MyCarePlus account but it is under an old email address I’m sure, what do I do from here?

  • If you believe your account to be registered with an old email address, contact us at 316-262-4467 x6161 and we will facilitate updating your records to the new email address and triggering a new invitation to your email. No new consent/ authorization form is required and nothing needs done with MyCarePlus.

I registered for Ontada Health but since forgot my password or locked myself out, who can help?

  • Please contact Ontada Health’s Customer Tech Support line at 1-855-887-6788 for direct assistance. CCK cannot help you reset your account for your or on your behalf.


  • If you were not a MyCarePlus user and would like to enroll in Ontada Health with CCK, please download and print this form. Then, after October 25th you can turn it in to any CCK staff member at your next visit or email it to g2@cancercenterofkansas.com and we would be happy to send your registration invitation to you.