About Cancer Center Of Kansas Laboratory

Advanced Laboratory Services

Our laboratory is the nerve center of our operation, accurately testing and diagnosing even the most complicated conditions to help develop the most effective plan.

When you become a Cancer Center of Kansas (CCK) patient, you will quickly learn that laboratory testing is a key component to the evaluation, management and treatment of cancer and blood disorders.

What to expect as a CCK Patient

Most of our patients will need to have blood drawn and laboratory work performed immediately before each office visit with their CCK physician and before any chemotherapy treatment or injection. This allows our physicians to monitor your blood work and adjust your treatment as necessary with each visit.

You may also have laboratory work collected during weeks when you are not receiving treatment to monitor your response to your last treatment or injection. If your lab results fall outside the limitations set by your CCK physician, a member of our CCK staff will contact you for any necessary follow-up.

Not in Wichita? No problem!

In order to best serve our patients throughout the state, we have different locations and procedures for getting blood drawn and laboratory work performed depending on your CCK location. We work collaboratively with outside laboratories in most of our locations to have the work performed in their location and results sent to us seamlessly. To find out more details about the location of the laboratory in your location, please talk to the CCK team members located in that office.

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CCK Laboratory Services

State of the art clinical laboratory

We are proud to also have a CCK laboratory servicing our largest 2 offices located in Wichita (see more details below for locations). The CCK laboratory is a state of the art clinical laboratory that is CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments of 1988) certified through CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) and is accredited by COLA.

Our CCK Lab Staff:

The CCK staff servicing our laboratory is comprised of a variety of clinical laboratory science professionals, including Clinical Laboratory Scientists, Medical Laboratory Technologists, Medical Laboratory Technicians and Phlebotomists.

CCK Lab Services:

The CCK laboratory performs most procedures in our facility, but also works collaboratively with outside laboratories to process patient blood work when required.

More specifically, we perform the following core laboratory procedures right in our office: complete blood counts (CBC), platelet counts, reticulocyte counts, estimated sedimentation rates, comprehensive metabolic profiles (CMP), basic metabolic profiles, liver profiles, renal panels, Iron studies, TSH, PSA, serum creatinine’s, urine protein creatinine ratios, prothrombin time, activated thromboplastin times, routine urinalysis, and pregnancy tests.

The CCK laboratory also collects samples to send to reference laboratories that test for tumor markers, special chemistries, bone marrows, flow cytometry, cytogenetic, molecular, and genetic testing.

Finally, the CCK laboratory performs certain procedures that are processed and sent to research laboratories to support the high level of clinical research performed by the CCK Research Team.

Finding the CCK Lab

Directions & Check-In Info for the Wichita CCK locations

Main Office Location

For patients seeing one of our CCK physicians at the Main Office, the CCK laboratory is located on the 1st floor of the Heritage Plaza Building in Suite 100.

You can simply check in directly on the 1st floor with the receptionists, and they will direct you to the CCK laboratory waiting area.

One of the CCK laboratory staff will call you when they are ready for you. It is otherwise unnecessary for you to check-in first with the 4th floor receptionist.


MAT Office Location (MAT Office)

For patients seeing one of our CCK physicians at the MAT Office, the CCK laboratory is located in Suite 300 where you would otherwise receive treatment or see the physician.

Therefore, you can simply check-in with the receptionist and one of the CCK laboratory staff will call you when they are ready for you.


Frequently Asked Questions

Find questions and answers specifically for our lab services
  • Do I need to fast before getting my lab work drawn?

    Unless you are otherwise directly instructed by a member of the CCK team, you do NOT need to fast prior to your lab appointment.

  • Can you take blood from my portacath or catheter?

    Yes, blood can be drawn from your portacath or catheter with a physician order. For those patients who have a line access that can be used for collecting blood, we send them to one of our treatment rooms to have their samples collected and the line properly flushed by a member of the CCK nursing team.

  • Do I have to get blood taken with each visit?

    The exact frequency of blood collection is determined by your physician. Every lab is ordered by a physician or ordering provider based on the individual patient’s need, but lab work is a key component in the evaluation, management and treatment of cancer and blood disorders.

  • Can laboratory work be done in the CCK lab under the order of my primary care physician or other specialty physician?

    Laboratory work performed in the CCK lab can only be done under the orders of a CCK physician.

  • Can I get my results?

    If you would like to see your lab results, you can simply ask your physician or any member of the CCK team for a copy of your lab results at the time of your next visit. In addition, for patients in our Wichita, Salina or Manhattan offices, results are now available through the patient portal. To learn more about the patient portal, click here. We will continue to update offices as their lab results also become available through the portal.

  • Can I ask for a specific person to take my blood sample?

    Although it can’t always be guaranteed that your preferred phlebotomist will be available, we always do our best make you feel comfortable with the visit to our phlebotomy services and will try to accommodate such a request.

  • How long does it take to get my results?

    Most tests that are done in our CCK laboratory are complete in 20 to 60 minutes, depending on the number of patients being processed at any given time. Tests that are sent to outside reference laboratories generally take 1 to 2 days to receive any results. Genetic panel testing may require up to 60 days.