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We make medication easy by initiating and distributing the proper dosage from one easy location. Get the care you need with the confidence of simplicity and accuracy.

Receiving Cancer Treatment In Your Home

Cancer Therapy in Pill Form

Recent advances in technology have led to the development of oral anti-cancer medications, or “oral oncolytics.” These new agents target specific biologic processes in tumor cells. Oral oncolytics provide patients a convenient way to receive therapy in your home, without coming to the clinic for an infusion.  Cancer therapy in pill form is great news for patients as it allows you more involvement and control over your treatment.

The Cancer Center of Kansas Oral Medication Center, located at our main office in Wichita, dispenses oral oncolytics and supportive medicines, such as antiemetics and antibiotics, which are a part of your treatment. Unlike your local pharmacy, our Oral Medication Center dispenses only to our patients. The first time you receive a newly-prescribed drug from our dispensary, a nursing professional will discuss with you how and when to take the drug, and side effect management. You will be given an opportunity to ask questions and receive clarification of anything you do not understand. If your prescription comes with refills, these requests can be made simply with a quick phone call to our office or through the MyCarePlus patient portalPlease note we do not provide prescription refills of any kind on the weekend.

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Assisting You In Procuring Therapy Drugs

Oral Medication Center Staff Additional Services

In addition to providing you convenient access and complete patient education, our Oral Medication Center staff provides a variety of other services to assist you in procuring therapy drugs, such as:

  • Personalized attention every time you come into the Center
  • On-site communication with your physician, allowing us to quickly clarify any questions or issues you don’t understand about your treatment
  • Specialized knowledge of oral oncolytics
  • Insurance verification and any required prior authorization
  • Copay assistance for eligible patients
  • Safe drug delivery to you, no matter where you live in Kansas

Live Outside of Wichita? No Problem!

As a convenience to our patients who live outside of Wichita, especially in the more remote areas of Kansas, we will ship your medications directly from the Oral Medication Center to the Cancer Center of Kansas office where you receive your treatment.

Oral Medication Center FAQ's

Following is a list of commonly-asked questions and answers about our Oral Medication Center that will better assist you in making a more informed decision about your treatment.
  • Will you file my insurance?

    Yes, we file with all insurance plans, including Medicare Plans D and B, commercial insurance, Tricare and Medicaid.

  • What do I do with my unused medications?

    Unfortunately, we cannot take back any unused medications from patients whether or not they were dispensed by us.  Instead, below are some helpful resources regarding disposal of unused medications.

    A local medication disposal drop-box can be found at Walgreens 3333 E Central Ave, Wichita, KS 67208. Call them at 316-682-2999 for specifics regarding their disposal policy or visit them at Walgreens Safe Medication Disposal Information. For further information regarding safe disposal, visit the FDA Disposal of Unused Medicines webpage.

  • Can I receive assistance to help with my copay?

    Yes. We have several members of our team within our Business Office who can assist you in determining eligibility and securing copay assistance.

  • Will you automatically refill my prescription?

    No. Treatment decisions made by you and your CCK physician during your office visits can often include changes in dose, changes in treatment schedule and/or changes in drug or treatment plan entirely. In addition, these drugs are uniquely expensive and cannot be returned if your drug or dose has been changed. Therefore, prescriptions for your oral oncolytics will be written once these decisions are made.

  • Am I required to use the Oral Medication Center to receive my prescription?

    No. We offer this as a convenience to our patients in the ways discussed above.  Also, some oral oncolytics are not readily available through local pharmacies.  They must either be specially ordered or are only available through limited pharmacies, which may or may not be convenient for you.

  • How quickly can I receive my medication after you receive the prescription?

    As with most therapeutic oncology drugs, your insurance will often require a prior authorization. These authorizations can take anywhere from 3-5 days.  If you are eligible to receive copay assistance, this may result in additional delays in receiving your medication. We strive to provide you your medications as efficiently as possible.

  • Can I request a refill on the weekend?

    No.  We do not provide prescription refills of any kind on the weekend.  Please call or message us through the Portal prior to the weekend if you are in need of a refill.