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Providing World Class Cancer Care, Close To Home

At Cancer Center of Kansas, our primary focus is on the patients we treat and care for every day – the friends who walk through our doors and know they’re in good hands because, here, they feel at home and are around the people who have one common goal – not letting cancer slow them down for a second.

Our care runs much deeper than your average provider. We focus on many aspects of treatment such as– diagnosis and treatment, blood and marrow transplants, research and clinical trials, diagnostic imaging, advanced laboratory work, and have established an oral medications center to better serve our patients. We look at cancer from every angle and have the experience to make your treatment process as manageable as possible.

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  • Diagnosis & Treatment Plans

    There’s nothing more important at a time like this as a well-laid plan. Each step makes all the difference. So once a diagnosis is found, we’ll begin walking you through your process – simplicity and clarity are key.

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  • Blood & Marrow Transplant

    Bone marrow manufacturers the body’s blood cells. So the condition of marrow plays a big role in a patient’s overall health and that of their immune system. This procedure is used for many forms of cancer. We specialize not only in the transplant itself, but also the 30- to 60-day post transplant treatment – one of the most important aspects of the procedure.

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  • Research & Clinical Trials

    Our industry-leading research and clinical trials help our patients stay on the cutting-edge of treatment and recovery.

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  • Diagnostic Imaging

    A clear diagnosis and definitive picture of what’s going on is critical for proper treatment. And it’s a great tool to show you exactly what we’re treating and why. This process can seem confusing and intimidating – our job is to simplify and take action.

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  • Laboratory

    Our laboratory is the nerve center of our operation, accurately testing and diagnosing even the most complicated conditions to help develop the most effective plan.

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  • Oral Medication Center

    We make medication easy – initiating and distributing the proper dosage from one easy location. Get the care you need with the confidence of convenience and accuracy.

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